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City to upgrade pedestrian crossings

The city of Winona plans to install new crosswalk markings at six intersections on Broadway, new pedestrian crossing signs with button-activated flashing lights at three intersections, one radar speed-indicating sign, and new pedestrian crossing signs at many other intersections after a vote by the City Council Monday. Council member Pam Eyden also pushed successfully for […]


Hubbard to acquire radar speed camera

HUBBARD — Drivers caught speeding in the township may end up with an unpleasant surprise in the mail. The police department is the process of acquiring a radar speed camera, which will be similar to the cameras the Youngstown Police Department debuted this summer. The camera must be operated by a police officer due to […]


Radar speed signs to be installed on residential streets across township

Speeding remains a top concern across King and councillors want to do something about it. Radar speed boards will be installed on residential streets in Nobleton and King City in an effort to reduce excessive speeds on the local roads. Speed board devices are used to reduce traffic speeds by making drivers aware of how […]


80% reduce speeds 10-20%, over all compliance moves from 30 to 60%

According to a speed display company that provides electronic speed signs to cities and towns across the U.S. and in Canada, up to 80 percent of speeders will slow down when alerted by a radar sign. Speeds are reduced by 10-20 percent, and overall compliance with the posted speed limit improves by 30-60 percent. While there are radar speed […]


North Hudson neighborhood won’t see lower speed limit request

NORTH HUDSON — Some residents in the North Hudson hamlet of Underwood want the speed limit near their homes reduced. Town Supervisor Ronald Moore told the North Hudson Town Council he has received a request from Underwood residents who want the speed on Route 9 in their area lowered from 50 mph, town minutes show. They […]


HOPEWELL BOROUGH: Council taking steps to ensure safety of pedestrians

Pedestrian safety is probably the top concern voiced in Hopewell Borough, according to Mayor Paul Anzano. Six accidents involving vehicles striking pedestrians or bicyclists have occurred over the past two years in town. Back in August of 2013, a 76-year-old Princeton woman was hit by a car while on foot and died as a result […]


Speed cameras could watch over highway work zones in Pennsylvania

HARRISBURG, Pa. — State lawmakers feel a need, a need to see you speed. They’re exploring a five-year pilot program that would place speed cameras in active interstate work zones, saying it will improve safety as a $2.3 billion transportation funding law puts more construction crews on the highway at a time when drivers have more […]


NH Town Uses Road Sign To Keep Eye On Drivers

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (CBS) — Authorities in one New Hampshire town are keeping an eye on drivers through a radar speed sign. The yellow “Your Speed” sign has been hanging on a telephone pole in Portsmouth since the Spring of 2015. Police say the sign, which posts drivers current speeds in an attempt to keep them within […]


Since You Asked: What determines radar trailer placement?

Q: How do law enforcement authorities decide where to place the mobile radar trailers? Can people suggest certain areas? Answer from Yuba City police Sgt. Michael Green: Most radar deployments are dictated by citizen requests. Citizens may request the speed feedback trailers through our department website, through the city’s smartphone app or calling the traffic […]


Columbia County Sheriff’s Office using Mobile Radar trailers to crack down on speeders

MARTINEZ, Ga. – Columbia County deputies are cracking down on drivers with a lead foot. They’re mechanical eyes for the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office which are clocking you as you move along certain roads. “We can download them and get the info we need. How many vehicles came through, were they speeding, is it one […]

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