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Federal Judge Backs Iowa Speed Cameras

Us district court judge tosses class action lawsuit filed against photo radar in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. A federal judge on Thursday decided not to allow the case against Iowa’s speed cameras to be heard by a jury. After hundreds of pages of legal briefs were filed over the course of ten months, US District Court […]


New flashing signs remind motorists to slow down in Brentwood

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Brentwood Police Department has a new tool to put the brakes on speeders in neighborhoods. Two signs with flashing lights show motorists how fast they are driving while reminding them to slow down if they are violating the posted speed limit. “It is good to be a little more alert,” […]


Unmanned photo radar cameras could be installed on deadly Portland streets

Photo radar cameras could soon be heading to some of Portland’s deadliest streets. House Bill 2621 was sent to the state House of Representatives for consideration after passing a house committee Monday. It would allow the City of Portland to install unmanned photo radar safety cameras on 10 of the city’s deadliest streets as part […]


Photo radar cameras doubling-up on Circle Drive

The photo radar camera that rotates between five Saskatoon school zones will be relocated to Circle Drive next month when school zone speed limits are no longer in effect. The photo radar camera that rotates between five Saskatoon school zones will be relocated to Circle Drive next month when school zone speed limits are no […]


Innisfil pilot project aims to slow down speeders

Residents on an Alcona street aren’t getting the speed bumps they asked for, but Booth Avenue is part of a traffic calming pilot project the town is starting. Innisfil pilot project aims to slow down speeders (file photo) Booth Avenue in Alcona is one of two streets selected for passive traffic calming measures under a […]


Slowing Down Speeders on Residential Roads

There is a flashing reminder for drivers on Viola Road Northeast.  From 45 miles-per-hour to 30, give or take, the speed radar sits right around where Viola Road Northeast turns into 14th Street Northeast.  “It’s nice to know that people aren’t going 50 miles-per-hour past our house,” said Kayla Helgeson, who moved by the intersection in […]


City seeks ways to slow speeders

Northeast Rochester neighborhoods could soon be home to new speed limit signs and a traveling speed radar display, part of an unorthodox attempt to slow down speeders. The Rochester City Council on Monday gave its consent to a request from Council Member Mark Hickey to add new permanent speed signs and purchase a mobile radar […]


Radar Speed Sign on Shoreline Drive

While walking up at Shoreline Park yesterday (Monday, 5:00pm), I took this photo of the radar speed sign (one of two) up on Shoreline Drive. (I didn’t include the vehicle and driver in this photo, as a courtesy.) Ignoring the 25mph speed limit on Shoreline Drive seems to be the norm. Why isn’t the speed […]


Towns erect screen to remind drivers of their speed

WESTVILLE – As the SUV drives past, its speed flashes on a screen, reminding the driver to slow down as they enter a 50 km/h zone in the town. “It’s a good reminder. They do work,” said Const. Paul Veenhuis of the Stellarton Police Service. “It’s a proactive thing.” Const. Paul Veenhuis of the Stellarton […]


The Sign Says Slow Down

The Road Safety project along the George Price highway has seen that thoroughfare upgraded with all kinds of signage, reflectors and re-surfacing. Brightly decalled highway patrol vehicles can also be seen monitoring traffic on the road. And now there’s one more element: Radar Speed signs. These interactive signs provide a real time readout of the […]

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