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Dangerously High Vehicle Speeds Recorded in Durand

The Durand Neighbourhood Association requested a speed radar to measure vehicle speeds, and the City set up a mobile radar trailer on Herkimer Street next to Durand Park in March 2014. The device measured vehicle speed and also displayed the speed to motorist as instant feedback on how fast they were going. vehicle measured exceeding […]


An Appeal to Drivers’ Hearts

Elm Grove Police Department in Wisconsin developed an outdoor campaign to promote the concept, ‘Slower is Better’. Photo courtesy of Slower is Better Campaign. In a state where getting an umlaut added to a road sign required gubernatorial intervention, it’s unlikely the idea will work here but a movement is growing to appeal to drivers’ […]


Speed sign pops up on Wellock Road; Complaints of Speeding in Quiet Neighbourhood Lead to New Speed Sign

After collecting data from Kensington Street, this speed radar sign has been relocated to Wellock Road where reports of speeding have been frequent the past few months.     The speed radar sign on Kensington Street has moved to the upper west corner of Estevan on Wellock Road, where numerous complaints of speeding have been […]


Radar Speed Sign Installed on Route 250

  CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (NEWSPLEX) — A new radar speed sign along Route 250 East is catching the eye of drivers. City officials say the sign was installed Monday at the request of Birdwood neighborhood residents. Birdwood residents say the construction on the bypass, and the new ramp, makes it hard for them to get out […]


Central Ave. traffic calming in Madison a work in progress

Sidewalk installation may be answer By SALLY CAPONE Staff Writer Madison Eagle MADISON – Concerned residents and borough and Morris County officials huddled again with the public last week to discuss remedies to cut down speeding on Central Avenue. The installation of sidewalks that would narrow the roadway seemed to be the leading contender for […]


More speed controls coming in Northampton County’s Hanover Township

Two more radar speed signs — the electronic ones that show how fast you’re driving compared to how fast you should be driving — soon will be erected in Hanover Township, Northampton County. The signs will be put in areas where residents have complained about excess speed, said township manager John “Jay” Finnigan. One will […]


Speeds recorded: ‘educational tool for the community’

By Jeff Guy Newton, KanA speed radar sign has been placed near the 700 block of East Broadway Street, displaying the speed of each passing vehicle and telling motorists if they are driving too fast The speed radar was placed in this location because it is a school zone without flashing lights Newton Police Chief […]


Speed Radar Trailers in Dothan

The reminders are everywhere to watch your speed. There are the speed bumps, speed limit signs, your local officers on patrol. Then there are speed radar trailers. “When you first see them pop up, it’s a little different. It gets your attention,” says Wiregrass motorcyclist, Christopher Campbell. Dothan resident, Kiesha White says, “It makes you […]


Resident, authorities concerned over speeding on South Old Belair Road

By Valerie Rowell Residents along South Old Belair Road have complained that motorists routinely drive 10-20 miles an hour over the speed limit. Vince Meadows usually enjoys his morning coffee on the back patio of his townhome watching morning traffic along South Old Belair Road. But lately, he said, rush-hour motorists are whizzing by faster […]


What will happen to Roxbury? A detailed look at the plans

By Gwen Davis The final SW Roxbury St. safety improvement plans are done. Construction will begin soon. SDOT’s plans: -> Pavement improvements. Repavement will occur on Roxbury between 25th Ave. SW and 27th Ave. SW, as well as between 17th Ave. SW and 18th Ave. SW. New curb ramps will be constructed at each intersection. […]

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