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He wants YOU to slow down — councillor would put radar cams on neighbourhood streets

Calgary Councillor Shane Keating poses on Douglasdale Blvd. in Calgary, Alta on Sunday May 25, 2014. Keating would like to see tighter controls on speeders in residential areas. Jim Wells/Calgary Sun/QMI Agency An admirable cause, and one very sketchy solution. “I think fixed speed cameras should be used on residential streets, not just at intersections,” […]


Garnish hopes driver feedback sign will slow down speeders

© Photo Submitted Garnish Town Council hopes a driver feedback sign it recently purchased will slow down some of the vehicles that speed through the community. The Town of Garnish has turned to technology to combat an old problem in the community.  For as long as motorized vehicles have been around, there have also been […]


Solar-powered radar sign coming to Stagecoach

UPPER TOWNSHIP – Township committee last week approved the placement of a solar-powered radar sign on the southbound side of Stagecoach Road before Coventry Lane. Several radar sign are owned by the county, which is seeking recommendations on their placement, Committeeman Ed Barr said. After raising the issue, Mayor Richard Palombo immediately said “Stagecoach.” There […]


Long-Term Effectiveness of Dynamic Speed Monitoring Displays

Long-Term Effectiveness of Dynamic Speed Monitoring Displays (DSMD) for Speed Management at Speed Limit Transitions Wayne Sandberg, Ted Schoenecker, Kristi Sebastian, and Dan Soler Abstract :  Speeding continues to be a significant safety issue on today’s roadways. Studies have demonstrated that increased compliance with properly established speed limits reduces crash incidence and severity. One of the […]


Lighted radar sign alerts speedy motorists

By Sue Carpenter GARRETT — A lighted speed warning sign along South Second Street has slowed down more than a few motorists since it was installed earlier this month, according to Police Chief Keith Hefner. The sign was purchased at the end of the year, but mounds of snow piled around delayed its installation.


East Gwillimbury study reveals excessive speeding

 The results are in from the 2013 radar signs in East Gwillimbury and … drum roll, please … you speed. Twenty-seven studies were carried out at seven locations around the town.The location with highest percentage of speeders was King Street West, just north of Shannon Road in Mount Albert, where only 34 per cent of […]


Volusia County Beach Safety to get updated radar guns and signs

DAYTONA BEACH —  In 2010, two children were hit and killed along the sands of Volusia County’s coast in separate accidents. Since then, the county has looked at ways to make it safer for cars and sunbathers to co-exist. A number of safety improvements have been made, but some people still have an uneasy feeling. […]


Safe Routes to School Guide

The main goal for Safe Routes to School (SRTS) enforcement strategies is to deter unsafe behaviors of drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists, and to encourage all road users to obey traffic laws and share the road safely. Enforcement is one of the complementary strategies that SRTS programs use to enable more children to walk and bicycle […]


Evaluating Effectiveness of Dynamic Speed Display Signs in Transition Zones of Two-Lane Rural Highways in Pennsylvania (paid access)

Transportation Research Board, Annual Meeting – Paper #09-0171 Author(s) : Transportation Research Board The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has invested in several portable dynamic speed display signs and selected several locations to implement them along two-lane rural highway transition zones. Transition zones are longitudinal roadway sections that contain a high-speed segment followed by a low-speed segment […]


Guidelines for Selection of Speed Reduction Treatments at High-Speed Intersections

National Cooperative Highway Research Program, Transportation Research Board of the National Academies, Final Report for NCHRP Project 3-74 Author(s) : Kittelson & Associates Inc. Midway Research Institute Synectics Inc. Transportation Research Corp. This project identified and evaluated treatments and developed guidelines for reducing vehicle speeds on approaches to high-speed intersections (approach speeds of 45 mph or greater). The treatments […]

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