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Evaluation of speed displays and rumble strips at rural-maintenance work zones

Texas Transportation Institute, Texas A&M University System, Transportation research record ISSN 0361-1981 Author(s) : Fontaine Michael D. ; Carlson Paul J. An evaluation of the effectiveness of speed displays and portable rumble strips at reducing speeds in rural-maintenance work zones is described. The results for the portable rumble strips were mixed, with passenger cars experiencing less than a […]


Use of Speed Display Trailers in Work Zones

Maryland State Highway Administration, Office Of Traffic & Safety Author(s) : Various – see report’s bibliography ADVANTAGES Speed limit compliance is increased by 10 to 40 percentage points. The speed display trailer is an effective speed reduction measure in work zones. Mean speeds are reduced by 2 to 7 mph. Drivers have shown positive attitudes toward […]


Efficacy of Speed Monitoring Displays in Increasing Speed Limit Compliance in Highway Work Zones

Brigham Young University, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Report UT- 03.12 Author(s) : Bowie, Jeanne Marie This study focuses on the goal of reducing speed in work zones. First, methods of speed reduction used by state DOTs throughout the country are identified, and the research surrounding them is summarized. Next, the methodology and results of […]


Innovative Traffic Control Devices for Improving Safety at Rural Short-Term Maintenance Work Zones

Texas Transportation Institute, Texas A&M University System 3135 TAMU Author(s) : Michael D. Fontaine Five different traffic control devices were selected for further evaluation: Speed display trailers Radar drones Portable rumble strips Alternative worker vests, and Fluorescent orange roll-up signs This paper describes the results of the evaluation of these devices. The speed display trailer produced […]


Speed Monitoring Displays: Increasing Speed Limit Compliance in Reduced Speed School Zones

Utah Department of Transportation, Research and Development Division Author(s) : Mitsuru Saito, Ph.D., P.E., Kelly G. Ash, EIT  The field study found that the Speed Monitoring Displays (SMDs) analyzed proved to increase speed compliance in most cases. In some cases, the SMDs maintained their effectiveness at increasing speed compliance; on the other hand, some gradually lost […]


Effectiveness of Speed-Monitoring Displays in Speed Reduction in School Zone (paid access)

Transportation Research Board of The National Academies, Volume 1973 Author(s) : Choulki Lee (Graduate School of ITS, Ajou University, San 5, Wonchon-Dong, Youngtong-Gu, Suwon 442-749, South Korea), Sangsoo Lee and Youngtae Oh (School of Environmental Civil and Transportation Engineering, Ajou University, San 5, Wonchon-Dong, Youngtong-Gu, Suwon 442-749, South Korea) , Bongsoo Choi, (Division of Traffic Operation […]


Distracted Drivers In School Zones: A National Report

Safe Kids USA, Department of Evaluation And Research Author(s) : Jurek G. Grabowski, PhD, MPH, Stephanie Goodman, MPH This study begins with a review of previous research that highlights the increased use by drivers of cell phones, GPS and other potentially distracting devices. It also provides data on how driver distraction can have a significant impact […]


Guidelines for Selection of Speed Reduction Treatments At High-Speed Intersections

NCHRP Research, Report 613 Author(s) : various This study evaluated the effectiveness of treatments to reduce vehicle speeds at high-speed intersections. The treatments included geometric design features as well as signage and pavement markings. Radar speedcheck signs (dynamic displays) proved effective at slowing cars months after first being installed. In one study cited in this […]


Stationary Radar Sign Program Report

City of Bellevue, WA transportation Department Stationary Radar Sign, Program Report Author(s) : Ray Godinez This report shares Bellevue’s experience with (20 radar speed signs previously installed by the city over a five year period) from installation techniques to effectiveness levels and considerations for future placement. (2004-2005) Studies show that the majority of the stationary radar signs […]


Effectiveness of Dynamic Speed Display Signs (DSDS) in Permanent Applications (paid access)

Texas Transportation Institute, Texas A&M University System, Project Summary Report 0-4475-S Author(s) : Gerald L. Ullman, Elisabeth R. Rose Texas Department of Transportation personnel identified several test sites to try out permanently installed DSDSs. TTI researchers conducted field studies to determine whether the signs reduced speeds at each site. Researchers also examined whether the signs increased […]

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