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Evaluation of Dynamic Speed Display Signs

Journal of the Transportation Research Board, Transportation Research Board of the National Academies, Volume 1918 / 2005 Author(s) : Gerald L. Ullman, Elisabeth R. Rose This paper describes an Analysis of the effectiveness of dynamic speed display signs (DSDSs) installed in several permanent locations. Sites evaluated included a school speed zone, two transition speed zones in […]


Survey of Safety Professionals Regarding Traffic Calming Options

Survey sponsored by Information Display Company Author(s) : Information Display Company More than 96.5 percent (of those surveyed) said they strongly agree (66.7%) or agree (30%) that driver feedback signs are effective in reducing traffic speeds on residential streets. This is compared to only 3.3 percent that strongly agree (and 33.3 % that agree) that speed […]


Comparative Study of Speed Reduction Effects of Photo-Radar and Speed Display Boards

Journal of the Transportation Research Board, Transportation Research Board of the National Academies, Volume 1640 / 1998 Author(s) : Steven A. Bloch Automobile Club of Southern California Two forms of automated motor-vehicle speed control, speed display boards and photo-radar, are compared. The study was conducted on three comparable streets in Riverside, California, over a 4-week period. Although […]


Road Injury Prevention & Litigation Journal

Road Injury Prevention & Litigation, Journal Volume 1973 Author(s) : various This study examined three approaches to speed control: “photo-radar, (unenforced) speed display board, and a speed display board with intermittent enforcement.” Results of the study revealed “that both speed display boards and photo-radar effectively reduce vehicle speeds while deployed” and are “particularly effective in […]


Innovative Operational Safety Improvements at Unsignalized Intersections

Florida Department of Transportation Author(s): John R. Freeman, Jr., P.E. PTOE, Justin A. Bansen, P.E., Beth Wemple, P.E., Richard Spinks   The intent of this research is to identify innovative methods of improving safety at unsignalized intersection locations, particularly on high-speed, multi-lane roadways. The information contained in this Final Report is intended to serve as a […]


IDOT: New Speed Radar Signs Will Save Lives

You’ve seen those bright orange signs. Or signs with the orange ribbon that say, “Hit a worker. $10,000 fine. 14 years in jail.” Now, there’s another sign that the Illinois Department of Transportation says will save more lives. It’s a speed indicator board, which will tell drivers how fast they’re going and how fast they […]


Lightcast Introduces Affordable Radar Speed Signs for Speed Control in New Areas

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lightcast Networks announces new models of radar speed boards designed to slow speeders in construction zones, schools zones, church zones, neighborhoods, military bases, airport parking lots and even factories with special forklift safety considerations. “Traffic calming devices are nothing new, but when we saw current $15,000 radar trailers needing a truck to haul […]


Speed Enforcement Radar Request

The Bountiful City Police Department has a Speed Monitoring Awareness Radar Trailer, (S.M.A.R.T.). Drivers approaching a speed radar trailer will see the posted speed limit displayed, as well as their speed as detected by the radar gun within the trailer. The trailer will also record the total number of vehicles and their average speeds during the […]


How’re You Driving? Radar Will Flash You Your Speed

  FARMINGTON — The latest in law enforcement technology will make its debut on town roads next week when police deploy a computerized radar. The trailer-sized piece of machinery does not dispense speeding tickets. It flashes a digital readout to each driver, showing the speed the driver is going, while an internal computer keeps track […]


Speed Trailers

Portable speed trailers visually display drivers’ real-time speeds compared to the speed limit. These devices may be effective in reducing speeds and increasing awareness of local speed limits.  Portable speed trailers are most effective when the trailer flashes “SLOW DOWN” or flashes a bright white light that mimics a photo speed camera or a blue […]

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