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Where would this Unit be used?

Our radar trailers can be deployed anywhere

How many hours of sun does the Unit require daily to work effectively?

There are a few factors that depend on the run time of our unit. One is the amount of sun and the other is how often the display comes on to display speeds (number of vehicles). In most cases our standard system will work 24/7 for you. If you need additional autonomy just add a battery or add additional solar.

Are the batteries readily available in the local market?

Yes, the batteries are available in your local market.

What is the maximum safe towing speed for this Unit?

Our radar trailers are designed to tow at normal highway speeds.

What kind of security and tamper resistance features does this Unit have?

We have three safety features that prohibit theft of the units: 1) The tongue is able to be taken out of trailer once setup into place, 2) The tongue can be left in and a padlock can be placed into the hitch receiver, or 3) You can get the optional wheel locks that keep unit from being transported.

How easily can changes be made to speed thresholds and/or violator alerts and what is required to make them?

Changes can be made easily with our speed threshold thumbwheels. Simply pick which threshold you would like to adjust, turn thumbwheel to desired speed limit and you’re done.  It’s that easy!

Should it need service, where are your authorized service centers located?

If any problems arise most of the time it can be handled out of our main office in Tupelo, MS. K&K is in the process of setting up partner locations across the country to help service our customers better.  The location information will be available on our website soon.

Do you rent these units or just sell them?

K&K currently just manufacturers units to sell. If we have older, refurnished units on hand, we will rent those to our local market.

What is lead time on these units?

Lead time is approx 4-6 weeks. ?

What colors are available?

White and Orange are our standard colors for the trailer but you can get any custom color.   Check out our options tab for more details on the model of interest.

What type of paint is used?

We use a powder coat paint system.

How long will batteries last?

Typical life span of a battery is anywhere from 3-5 years.

Is a battery charger available?

Yes, a battery charger is available as one of our options but in most cases it is not needed.

Does it have auto dimming?

Yes, they all have auto dimming capability and also have a manual setting if needed; however, auto is our recommendation to save your energy.

What types of tail lights are available?

Our standard taillights meet all standards.  If you would like LED taillights, please see our options tab for more details.

Is the license plate bracket included?

Yes, a license plate bracket is included.

Are your radars FCC approved for license free operation?

All our radars are fully FCC part 15 approved for license free operation. Additionally, since we also supply to the world wide market, many of our products also carry the CE mark.

Can I use your radar for traffic calming applications?

Yes. Our radar is available as a trailer and pole mount for traffic calming.

Can I use your radars for long range motion detection?

Most likely. You can use our radar units for vehicle motion detection up to 2000+ feet (depending on the product type). However, the minimum speed is limited to about 2mph (3kph) and we recommend a minimum speed of about 5 mph (8 kph).

Are your radars designed for low power usage?

The DR series of radars in our units uses next generation DSP technology that allows it to operate with a low power consumption of only 0.69 Watts. Some other radar on the market use as much as 3 Watts of power.

The SS300 radar used in our E models uses an unprecedented low 9 milliamps of current (only 0.1 Watts). This is the lowest power commercially available radar in the world that we know of.  Some of the competition has redesigned their product for lower power usage. These new products still use more than 2 watts of power. In fact, there is NO OTHER radar in the market that we know of that comes even close to the ultra low power usage of the Houston Radar DR500 or the SS300!

How will my trailer/sign benefit from the radar’s low power usage?

The display is usually the most power hungry component in the sign. However, most displays shut off to a very low nominal power usage when they are not displaying any speed. The radar is the only part of the trailer/sign that is “ON” continuously- even when no traffic is present.  On many suburban roads it is not unusual for the sign to experience an average of 10-20% “duty cycle” on the display. This means that the display is ON only 10 to 20% of the total ON time of the sign. However, the radar is ON 100% of the time. So in effect, the power savings and therefore run time for the radar are increased.

Why are your statistics called “Advanced Statistics”?

Because our units do traffic statistics inside the radar, the radar has the capability of “seeing” multiple vehicles simultaneously. Even when multiple vehicles are present on the road, all traffic calming radars send out either the fastest or strongest signal. Any statistics done outside the radar (either in a dongle or in the display panels) will never “see” these other vehicles.  In fact, tests have shown that our Advanced Statistics is up to 2X better in traffic counts than statistics done outside the radar.

Our Advanced Statistics features a trade secret algorithm that can even detect and count individual vehicles traveling one behind the other at the same speed. Can your current radar do that? The other advantage of our Advanced Statistics done inside the radar is that it does not increase the power usage of the radar. Any statistics that uses an external “dongle” to calculate and store the statistics includes additional electronics and will increase the power usage of the entire package. This additional power usage must be accounted for when comparing the power usage of our radar vs. the competition.

Do you offer a traffic statistics analysis package?

Yes. We offer a very advanced statistics analysis package if you purchase our traffic stats in the radar. This package allows a user to read the collected statistics from the radar, trim the data, view reports including the 85th percentile speeds, vehicle counts etc.  The user can also plot the data on interactive charts which allow them to zoom in/out, change the start/end date etc.

What is the detection range of your radars?

Our units, incorporating the DR series of radars feature typical detection range of about 1200 to over 2000 feet (from about 1/4 mile or 400 meters to almost 1/2 mile or about 600 meters) depending on model type. This value is tested on an open level road with the radar mounted about 5 feet off the ground detecting a compact vehicle approaching at 85 mph (except SS300 which is tested at about 50 mph). Range will be longer with larger trucks. Range may be affected by installation effects like curves, dips etc.  However, range has always been found to be more than sufficient by all our customers for traffic awareness applications even with large 18″ digits.  Our units using the SS300 radar features a 300+ feet (90+ meters) of detection range. It is designed for slower 25 mph (40 kph) roads (e.g. highway exits, road curves, school zones, traffic crossings, pedestrian and bicycle paths etc.) and not meant to replace the DR series of radars.

Can I change the distance the radar detects vehicles in the field?

Yes. Our radar units feature an Infrared Remote Control. Using this optional IR remote you can easily change the radar’s detection distance as a percentage of the maximum range from 10% to 100%.

Alternatively, this sensitivity setting can also be modified with a software program via the serial port.

Can your radar software be upgraded after I purchase it from you?

Yes. All our radar feature a “boot loader” that can accept new software via the serial port.  This gives you peace of mind that your radars can always be upgraded to any latest feature that may be added.

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