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Analysis shows speed cameras save lives

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A report that average speed cameras save lives has been welcomed by a road safety organisation which educates many of the UKs motorists caught speeding.

Researchers analysed detailed accident data taken from 25 sites where average speed cameras were installed covering around 200 miles of road.

A “standout” statistic showed that fatal and serious injuries reduced by 36% on the roads where average speed cameras were deployed, revealed the RAC Foundation report.

The number of collisions resulting in injuries of all severities was also cut by 16%, concluded the report by leading analysts, including transport researcher Professor Richard Allsop, whose previous research found that speed cameras were a valuable part of road safety.

Alan Prosser, of the TTC Group which educates 330,000 motorists each year and manages workplace road safety for fleet operators to cut road casualties, said that the report proved that average speed cameras had successfully reduced speed on longer stretches of busy roads leading to fewer collisions.

“Average speed cameras are extremely effective because they slow down traffic to the same speed and drivers tend to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

“They also reduce the number of vehicles overtaking and lane-switching at higher speeds which increases risk.”

“Speed cameras have previously been a contentious issue but here we do have positive evidence that by successfully reducing traffic speeds, lives are being saved. This can only be welcomed.”

He also agreed with the report’s conclusion that average speed cameras should be installed by councils, where appropriate, to increase road safety and reduce collisions.



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