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Expensive Roundabout Senseless for Dennis

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In her July 28 letter suggesting a simple and inexpensive solution for speed and safety on the roads in Dennis, Carolyn Kiess offers excellent information.

Surrounding towns have installed flashing solar-powered signs warning of dangerous intersections and the driver’s speed, which have proved very successful.

This simple solution would clearly sidestep committees that consult with consultants, save the taxpayers a substantial amount of money, and not destroy the historical significance and aesthetics of Dennis Village on Route 6A.
An expensive roundabout to handle traffic for the heaviest two months makes no more sense than the $900,000 bathhouse at Corporation Beach, which is used for the same two months.

In 2001 the state supplied grant money for two radar speed signs in Eastham, and in 2012 Barnstable appropriated $16,000 to install five radar signs in Hyannis. The Dennis boards should use these towns for a benchmark for costs.

Any major project that spends the taxpayers’ money should be on the ballot at election time, not decided by the 200-plus people who can attend town meeting, which is held at night during the week (especially since there can be multiple revotes until the measure that the boards recommend passes — as with the vote for the bathhouse at Corporation Beach!).

Alice Juliano

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