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Innisfil pilot project aims to slow down speeders

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Residents on an Alcona street aren’t getting the speed bumps they asked for, but Booth Avenue is part of a traffic calming pilot project the town is starting.


Innisfil pilot project aims to slow down speeders (file photo)
Booth Avenue in Alcona is one of two streets selected for passive traffic calming measures under a new pilot project.


Council has approved Booth and Westmount avenues for slow signs, speed counters, radar display signs and pavement markings.

Last August, Booth Avenue residents gathered a 25-name petition requesting measures to slow down vehicles on the long residential street.

“People are going over the speed limit by 30, 40 kilometres per hour,” resident Paul Caramida told council last August. “They take that road like it was a race track.”

But nothing was done because the street’s issues didn’t fall within the town’s traffic calming policy. Both Booth and Westmount don’t have enough traffic to warrant special measures under the policy.

But with more residents asking for help to deal with speeding cars, the pilot project was started to help the town determine if more passive traffic calming measures will work.

“If these cost-efficient, less intrusive options prove to be effective, the town’s traffic calming policy can be updated to reflect the study findings,” roads manager Carolina Cautillo said in a report.

The town will purchase two radar speed signs for $25,500 and electronic speed counter sensors for $7,500.

Pavement markings will also be used to create a visual effect that make the streets seem narrower, which tends to slow down drivers.

Staff will report back to council in November with data to show whether the traffic calming measures did enough to reduce speeds.

Courtesy : Rick Vanderlinde

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