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Pell City, AL, June 14, 2016 –(– Lightcast, Inc. is very excited to announce new options and capabilities on retractable cable reels. With ruggedized enclosures, these reels systems can be completely customizable and provide ability to extract and retract most versions of data cables, video and audio cable. New fiber optic and HDMI retracting cable systems in spring loaded 10-120’ reels and motorized reels up to 400 feet fiber optic or copper cable and allowing remote engage switch.

Retractable Cable Reel Features:

Ethernet Cable Reels: Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat6e, Cat7
Siamese (dual cables up to 24 circuits = 3 cat6) cable reels
Shielded STP and unshielded UTP Ethernet cable reels
Sizes : 6’’ diameter. 12’’, 17’’, 24’’ depending on needs in cable lengths
Indoor and Outdoor rugged ABS and metal reel casings in many colors
HDMI, Power, VGA+audio, S video, XLR, DMX, Speakon, ¼ inch and RCA audio
RG6- RG59-RG58 meeting 50 or 75 ohm connections, pick connectors
Constant tension and locking cable retracting

Game Changer Technology with Custom Retracting Cable Reel Systems
Lightcast®, Inc. leads the industry in the field of affordable retractable Ethernet-audio-video reels. With pioneering technology, Lightcast retractable reel systems solve your cable management issues in mfg plants, labs, hospitals, conference rooms, concert halls, police video upload stations, even on navy ships.

What sets their retractable reels apart from others; the units are tested many times before shipping and are proven at above category level performances. Lightcast also prides itself in bringing a variety of reels you need. When others say impossible, they say “let’s send you a demo see if it’s what you like.”

So why is a retractable Ethernet, USB, HDMI or Coaxial reels so important? Eliminate a person hanging in rafters retracting a video wall, allow easy access to connections in a conference room or cafeteria register, get rid of tripping safety hazards, drop a microphone from ceiling inside a church, allow a small underwater video craft to tether a link, this list goes on.

Since 2007 Lightcast retractable cable reels have been installed all over the world.

Customize to Your Specifications
Lightcast®, Inc. has the ability to ship the best switch automated, spring loaded or hand wind cables reels system for your specific needs. They build many versions with options and add-ons, take time to find your needs and implement well tested product.

Lightcast Retractable Reel systems are built in America with configurations can be completely customizable to meet your specifications. They have many unlabeled OEM versions inside other products.

For more information about these standard and customizable retractable cable reel systems, please contact Mason Sanders at 678.339.2326 ext. 2 or visit their website at See web store for standard product offering at www.Lightcaststore.comRadar Sign division

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