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New Radar Speed Signs at Virginia Lake

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VIRGINIA LAKE, RENO Traffic–on foot and in vehicles–can be pretty steady on Lakeside Drive along Virginia Lake’s east shore. This is, after all, one of Reno’s most popular parks.

But the Neighborhood Advisory Board here in Ward 2 has been hearing from citizens and they see a daily safety issue.

“Citizens are saying they are concerned about public safety, pedestrian safety, and actually driving safety in general,” says Ward two Councilwoman Naomi Duerr.

So, the city is doing something about it, installing solar powered radar speed signs which spell out just how fast a car is going as it enters a 15 mile an hour speed zone along the lake..speed9

It’s an educational alternative to posting traffic cops here and handing out tickets.

“The goal of the city of Reno is not to ticket people,” says Duerr. ”
The goal is to educate people about how fast they are going.

And as you watch cars approaching the sign at 20. 22, 23 miles an hour, you see them hit their brakes, slowing to the limit. At least most do.

This is just one of the ways the city has decided to spend a surplus they discovered earlier this year.

“We’ve set aside $400,000,” says Duerr, “and with that money what we hope to do is put in more cross walks, more flashers on existing cross walks, more yellow caution lights, better enforcement and some informational kind of things like we have out here at Virginia lake.”

An intersection, a short distance away, is another project. Earlier this year, it was the scene of a deadly accident.

“We had a guy that just blew through a stop sign, basically just tT-boned and killed somebody in a cross street,” says Duerr.. “So, we put up a 4 way stop there with flashers because it is a change and people are used to doing a certain thing and now we’ve changed it. But the idea is to get people more aware and more cautious as they are crossing those cross streets.”

It’s all part of a citywide pedestrian safety initiative, says Duerr, who is quick to point out the legislature has played a role as well passing new restrictions for school zones, including bans on U-turns and passing.

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