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NH Town Uses Road Sign To Keep Eye On Drivers

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PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (CBS) — Authorities in one New Hampshire town are keeping an eye on drivers through a radar speed sign.

The yellow “Your Speed” sign has been hanging on a telephone pole in Portsmouth since the Spring of 2015. Police say the sign, which posts drivers current speeds in an attempt to keep them within the limit, is also helping them collect data on average traffic flow and speeds throughout the day.

speed-signCourtesy: Portsmouth Police Department

“This type of information allows us to effectively and efficiently deploy our personnel to areas that are proven to be of concern based upon the data collected,” Patrol Captain Frank Warchol said in a public statement

Only one sign has been posted in the town so far, but police say two more are expected to appear soon.

“This is just one way for us to better utilize available modern technology to address the number one quality of life concern with the citizens of our community,” Warchol said.

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