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Park City police place permanent speed radar signs in school zone

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Park+City+SpeedPARK CITY — Park City police are getting digital in a new effort to combat speeding in a local school zone. Speed radar signs can now be found right in the middle of the stop lights on 61st street north.

Those who live along the busy 4-lane road say the move was a long time coming.

“They’re going fast, I’d say 50, 60 (mph) maybe a little more,” said Marline Dellinger.

During normal hours the speed limit is 35, but when it’s school crossing time that drops to 20. Dellinger says many don’t obey.

“I’ve lived here for almost a year and it hasn’t stopped,” she said.

Park City Police Chief Phil Bostian says those coming off the nearby interstate often don’t hit the brakes.

With a school crossing zone right in the middle of a straight away, the city decided to put up two permanent radar signs to address the issue. Park city police say the two signs altogether cost the city around $7,000.

“These signs don’t solve the problem of speeding in the school zone, but this is a very busy school zone,” Bostian said. “It does make people more aware of their speed.”

Bostian says the speed radar signs do not allow the department to record pictures or send tickets for those caught above the limit in the area, but they do have some advantages.

“They do record speeds of traffic and they count traffic that’s coming through here and we can download that information wirelessly,” Bostian said.

Drivers say the position of the signs certainly grab your attention.

“It makes you feel like somebody is watching you 24/7,” said Dakota Thomison.

But many residents realize for good reason, it’s for the safety of kids walking to school.

“I think they’re pretty safe for the community, (they) let you know when you’re speeding, keeps everybody slowed down,” said Chris Palmer.

Courtesy : Ben Jordan

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