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More photo radar and red light cameras needed in Calgary, Druh Farrell says

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Calgary has lowest crash rates in Canada, but there were still 36,000 last year


Coun. Druh Farrell says red light cameras and more photo radar could save lives on Calgary roads. (CBC)


One city councillor thinks she has the solution to reducing collisions on Calgary roads: more red light cameras and photo radar.

A council committee was told on Wednesday that Calgary has the lowest collision rates in the country, but there were still 36,000 crashes in 2015.

Coun. Druh Farrell would like to see those numbers reduced and said city police can’t be everywhere.

“They may not create demerits and that sort of thing, but they do work. Same with speed cameras,” she said. “Why are we not putting them more widely?”

‘I know it’s controversial’

Last year, Calgary’s collisions resulted in 22 fatalities and 2,500 injuries and, according to the committee report, a societal cost of $1 billion.

“I know it’s controversial, but they work,” said Farrell on the cameras. “And I think we’re beyond that discussion, and if they can save lives I think it could be justified.”

The city works with the police service on locations for speed and red light cameras and their use is controlled by provincial legislation.

In addition to implementing a number of physical changes to improve road safety, the city is looking at implementing a pedestrian strategy next year.


Courtesy: CBC

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