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Plandome Board of Trustees decides to temporarily place mobile radar speed sign

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561fce30c2560.imageVillage of Plandome trustees decided Monday to temporarily place a mobile radar speed sign on Heights Road after receiving complaints from village residents about speeding in the area.

The mobile radar speed sign, according to Village Clerk/Treasurer Elizabeth Kaye, will be “strategically located on Heights Road,” and be placed within the week.

“The reality is that the speed limit sign is a deterrent,” Kaye said. “It has software that will capture speed. It will be used to analyze the speed of cars.”

After receiving complaints about speeding in the area since the summer, Kaye said, the board “ is going to use the software to gather data and see if any further action needs to be taken.”

Kaye said no formal study has been done regarding speed on Heights Road, but the board is temporarily placing the mobile radar speed sign there as a way to “educate [themselves] on the problem before they make a decision.”

The existing speed limit on Heights Road is 30 MPH.

There is no timetable on how long the mobile radar speed sign will remain on Heights Road, Kaye said.

In other business, discussion remains ongoing regarding the traffic issues at Plandome Train Station, she said.

She said that during peak hours, cars are congregate near the pick up and drop off areas, causing crowding and congestion.

This has been a problem for years, Kaye said, but it has become much worse.

The next regular board meeting is on Monday Nov. 9 at 8 p.m.

Courtesy : Harrison Marder

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