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Slowing Down Speeders on Residential Roads

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There is a flashing reminder for drivers on Viola Road Northeast.  From 45 miles-per-hour to 30, give or take, the speed radar sits right around where Viola Road Northeast turns into 14th Street Northeast. Slowing_Down_Speeders_on_Residential_Roads-syndImport-070530

“It’s nice to know that people aren’t going 50 miles-per-hour past our house,” said Kayla Helgeson, who moved by the intersection in March, 2014, before the speed radar was applied.

“Since they put it in, it’s been really nice, people have been slowing down,” said Helgeson.

It’s an ease on the mind of a mother, as well as an idea for more.

“Cars really do slow down to 30-miles-per-hour.  It’s almost involuntary when they see that reminder from the flashing sign,” said Rochester City Council member Mark Hickey, who initially presented the idea to City Council.

Six new neighborhood speed signs will be added in Hickey’s Ward 5.  The locations are yet-to-be-determined.  7th Street Northwest between Broadway and 11th Avenue is one possibility.

A sign will be put up every two months over the course of a year.  Whenever a new sign appears, an electronic speed radar will rotate to each new installation.

“The radar speed sign will rotate to a new location and the permanent speed sign would stay behind as a reminder,” said Hickey.

It’s all an attempt to get drivers to slow down in Northeast Rochester neighborhoods.  The Rochester City Council approved the request earlier in the week.

“As I go and talk to neighbors and go to neighborhood meetings and such, I get a lot of complaints about speeding on neighborhood streets,” said Hickey.

For now, it’s only a pilot program that can potentially take on Rochester as a whole.

“I love it, I think it’s made a really big difference on this street in particular and I think it would help in a lot of other neighborhoods too,” said Helgeson.


Courtesy : Hannah Tran

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