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Solar-powered radar sign coming to Stagecoach

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UPPER TOWNSHIP – Township committee last week approved the placement of a solar-powered radar sign on the southbound side of Stagecoach Road before Coventry Lane.

Several radar sign are owned by the county, which is seeking recommendations on their placement, Committeeman Ed Barr said. After raising the issue, Mayor Richard Palombo immediately said “Stagecoach.”

There have been speeding complaints on Stagecoach Road for years. Officials said they hope the radar sign, which will display a vehicle’s speed, will help slow down traffic.

“Stagecoach has been an issue for many, many years,” Palombo said. “It’s posted at 35 mph now. Honestly, it seems like most people are going 50.”

Solicitor Dan Young said the radar sign before Coventry Lane could help reduce speeds before vehicles reach Caldwell Park on Stagecoach Road. It is a mostly wooded area where vehicles pick up speed, he said.

Palombo said he would like to see the sign placed on a mobile foundation so that it can be moved. Township engineer Paul Dietrich said the foundations are permanent, however.

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