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Speed Radar Trailers in Dothan

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The reminders are everywhere to watch your speed. There are the speed bumps, speed limit signs, your local officers on patrol.

Then there are speed radar trailers.

“When you first see them pop up, it’s a little different. It gets your attention,” says Wiregrass motorcyclist, Christopher Campbell.

Dothan resident, Kiesha White says, “It makes you want to pump your brakes and stop.”

All drivers have things to do and places to be. For law enforcement, ensuring everyone makes it safely is top priority.

When they are unable to be on the lookout themselves, they rely on the help of their speed radar trailers.

“I’d rather for that to be up then to get stopped by the cops,” says White.

There are four speed trailers in Dothan and they are strategically placed around the Circle City. When police receive multiple complaints for speeding in a particular area, they just might drop one off. The trailer on Honeysuckle Road has been up for a few months now and some drivers’ feel it was delivered right on time.

“People have almost actually slid into me the way they were driving fast at the parking lot entrance,” says Jeremiah Adams, an employee at Barstone Apartments on Honeysuckle Road.

The devices are set to begin blinking when a vehicle has exceeded the speed limit. If the vehicle’s speed continues to increase, blue and red lights begin to flash. There are no built-in cameras and a speeding ticket will not be headed to your mailbox if you are heavy on the gas when passing, but the speed check trailer’s presence will hopefully slow you down.

“It’s good because you never know where kids can be out playing. You never know what you can come upon. It can be someone who’s going extremely fast and you’re going extremely fast and there goes an accident,” White says.

While some drivers feel the trailers are a great way to handle speed racers, others say they can be distracting.

“You know I’m sitting there riding down the road and you got a car looking down at the speeding camera. Next thing you know he slams in the back of me,” says Campbell.

Whereas, some think police can take it even a step further.

“It helps slow them down some. I think if there was a little bit more police presence out here it would slow them down even more,” says Adams.

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