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Speeders beware in Riverbank

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RIVERBANK — The roadside unit that displays an approaching vehicle’s speed is available for use by Riverbank residents or agencies.

The purpose of the Speed Monitoring Awareness Radar Trailer is to educate and remind the motoring public of the posted speed limits within designated zones, according to a news release from the city of Riverbank.

The self-contained speed display unit is towed to sites experiencing speed-related problems. A radar inside a locked trailer clocks speeds.

“Motorists see their speeds displayed on a highly visible LED (light emitting diode) display,” according to the release. “The speed limit sign below the display reminds motorists to pay attention and ease up on the gas pedal.”

Violators can be given warnings and citations if an officer is assigned to the area.

For more information, call the Police Department at (209) 869-7162 or the Public Works Department at (209) 869-7128.

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