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Speeding boaties to come under the radar as part of Swan River trial

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Speeding boaties will come under the radar – literally – as part of a new trial along the Swan River to target boats speeding.

Rita Saffioti announced the plan on Saturday.

A radar speed sign – an interactive sign that displays a vessel’s speed as skippers approach – will be placed on the water in a known speeding hotspot along the Swan River at East Fremantle.

The overall aim of the trial the state government says is simply to slow vessels down to the eight-knot limit which applies in the area.

The same concept is used often on roads to make drivers aware of their speed.

But the water trial, believed to be a world first, will have the radar unit mounted on a navigation
aid, with an LED display providing skippers with feedback on their speed to allow them to adjust if they are going over.

It follows recent reports of damage to boats moored in East Fremantle as a result of wake caused by speeding vessels.

The results of the trial will be reviewed to determine if the radar will be permanent and possibly used in other locations.

“The trial is a positive way to address the problem and empowers skippers to be responsible on the water,” Transport Minister Rita Saffioti said.

“In conjunction with Department of Transport’s marine safety compliance patrols, expanded CCTV and investment in better boating facilities, this government is seriously addressing the issue of marine safety.

 “The safety of all water users in this part of the waterway will be greatly enhanced because skippers travelling through the area will be better informed about their speed.”

Courtesy: SMH
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