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Speeding Puts Kids in Danger

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A resident’s complaint of vehicles speeding at the intersection of Western Avenue and Rose Lane which are putting children in danger, triggered a discussion on the city’s sign practices.

Mayor Jeff Palmore introduced the subject at the Aug. 18 board of aldermen meeting saying a resident has requested a lower speed limit at the intersection.

Alderman Mike Pigg said the resident is more concerned with the tractor-trailer traffic on the street.

“We’re averaging three (tractor-trailers) a week,” he said. “They (drivers) can’t figure out how to get back to Double B Hams.”

Pigg said what the residents are asking for was whatever sign the ordinance calls for on Western Avenue, saying “No Big Trucks.”

Residents also want “Kids at Play” signs posted as well as “No Outlet” signs, he said.

Palmore said the resident has come to city hall, but did not relay those requests to him.

“She simply expressed concern about the speed of the cars,” he said. “I don’t think she had a radar gun or knew how fast they were going. But she felt like they were going in excess of the posted speed limit.”

Palmore said he brought the issue to the board because he’s not sure that there is anything the city can do about posting any kind of special signs other than what ordinances call for in this particular area.

Pigg asked what it would cost to post signs that say “Kids at Play.”

Alderman Ed Gass said “Kids at Play” signs are not regulatory signs and if they exist anywhere in the city they should be taken down.

Pigg said the city has posted the signs in some subdivisions, but Gass said they should not be there because they could give the children who read them the idea that they can play in the street.

“They should all be taken down,” he said. “That’s not in the state code and you won’t find them in any code or book or anything else.”

Pigg suggested the city might be able to alleviate concerns about speeding at the intersection by having the police department move the trailer with the radar sign that show cars how fast they’re going to the intersection.

“How about we try that for a week and see if it will slow drivers down,” Pigg suggested.

Police Capt. Larry Cook said he could have the sign moved from the city maintenance yard to the intersection.

The mayor asked Capt. Cook to place the radar sign on Western Avenue facing motorists who are proceeding southbound.

“After a while we might put it on Rose Lane facing eastbound traffic,” Palmore suggested.

Gass said the city should look at the street signs and see what signs need to be posted and should remove all nonregulatory signs posted in the city.


Courtesy : Pauline Masson


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