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Speeds recorded: ‘educational tool for the community’

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By Jeff Guy

Newton, Kan

A speed radar sign has been placed near the 700 block of East Broadway Street, displaying the speed of each passing vehicle and telling motorists if they are driving too fast

The speed radar was placed in this location because it is a school zone without flashing lights
Newton Police Chief Eric Murphy said. Although there is no longer a school at this site,  Roosevelt Park being where the school used to stand,  it is a route taken by children walking to Slate Creek Elementary and Chisholm Middle schools
 “With us being in spring and it getting warmer, kids will be walking to school more,” Murphy said
 The police department plans to periodically move the sign to other locations, Murphy said. It will be placed in school zones, then on other areas of town
Murphy called the sign a tool to let people know how fast they are going and to help them monitor their driving speeds
“It’s an educational tool for the community,” Murphy said
The sign does not record who is speeding, but it does compile data on the number of drivers going by and how fast they were driving. It tells how many people were speeding, but not who was speeding
The department purchased the sign for around $4,500, money from a Kansas Department of Transportation grant. The department received the grant for meeting bench marks in its participation of KDOT’s annual Click it or Ticket program
Around Memorial Day, Newton police and departments across the state will be participating in Click it or Ticket again, Murphy said
In past years, the department has used grant money from the Click it or Ticket program to buy flashlights and preliminary breath tests, Murphy said.
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