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Sunnyside City Council considering traffic solutions for South Hill Road

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SUNNYSIDE, Wash.– South Hill Road in Sunnyside continues to cause problems for neighbors.

The road was gated off to through traffic in 2012 because of crime and speeding drivers.

Sunnyside City Council is now considering options to slow down drivers.

Longtime South Hill Road resident Norma Shinn describes the street as “A lot of heavy traffic, late at night, noisy speeding cars going through.”

Shinn and her husband watched the street transform from a quiet dirt road to a controversial cut-through for speeders.

But, she says the problem has improved since 2012 thanks to extra police patrols.

“Sunnyside Police Department has done a good job of pulling people over out here,” Shinn said.

Long-term solutions for Norma and her neighbors may lie ahead.

Engineering firm Huibrestse Louman Associates has presented options to Sunnyside City Council that may slow the speeding drivers.

“Enforcement is the key, though we can institute some traffic calming measures that will help to either reduce volume or reduce speeds,” HLA Project Engineer Stephanie Ray said.

Engineers suggest adding two radar signs at either of South Hill and Saul Roads.

They’ve also recommended adding five speed humps along the streets, discouraging speeding and cut-through traffic.

“Folks won’t want to take those at 30, 40 miles per hour, they’ll want to actually drive it 25 miles per hour, which is the speed limit,” Ray said.

The radar signs are estimated to cost $4,300 each, while the speed humps come in around $3-4,000 each.

A cost neighbors say is worth the reward.

“It’s nice not going around, we would just like to see the traffic slow down through here,” Shinn said.

City council has not made a decision yet on the future of South Hill Road. The issue will be discussed again at a later meeting.



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