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UPS And Downs Of Kirkland Man

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KIRKLAND – A Kirkland man wanted to see if a radar sign was working. So he took his motorcycle to the end of the block, popped a “wheelie,” revved up close to 60 miles an hour – and promptly crashed into the sign.
King County police Maj. Jackson Beard said the incident happened Tuesday evening when a Kingsgate community group was using the county’s equipment to show passing motorists how fast they were going through the intersection of Northeast 141st Street and 119th Avenue Northeast. The equipment consists of a car, a radar gun and a large electronic readerboard that displays a vehicle’s speed.
“A young man on a motorcycle asked the people if they were police officers and when they said no, he asked how the sign worked,” Beard recounted. With that information, the 30-year-old biker went to the end of the street, made the front wheel jump in the air and was doing 59 mph when he lost control. He was treated for cuts and bruises, then taken to the King County Jail – his driver’s license had been revoked.
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