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Speedlane Pro Radar

Houston Radar SpeedLane Pro™ is state of the art true dual beam, low power side-fire radar. It is designed to accurately detect lane, speed and class of individual vehicles and compute per lane volume, occupancy, gap, average speed, 85th percentile and headway parameters.

Lightcast Mini Radar

The Lightcast Mini Radar is a versatile and affordable speed radar in use by professionals and amateurs worldwide. Current Lightcast Mini Radar owners include Home Owners Associations, Plant Safety for forklift traffic,  Olympic athletes and coaches, world-record holders, traffic engineers, collegiate coaches, professional sports teams, hobbyists, parents and anyone interested in speed. The Lightcast Mini Radar allows anyone to afford the same accurate speed measurements as other professional radar guns in a smaller, more convenient package.

Retractable Cable Reels

  •  Lightcast Reels

  1.      Fiber optic retractable reels
  2.      Ethernet  retractable reels
  3.      Power Extension cord retractable reels
  4.      USB Phone Coaxial and any retractable reels
  • Canere Reels

  • Hannay Reels


  • Alcoblow Breathalyzer
  • SD2 Breathalyzer
  • SD5 Breathalyzer
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Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons

The lightCastRectangular Rapid Flash Beacon (LCRRFB) is a device using LED flashing beacons in combination with pedestrian warning signs, to provide a high-visibility strobe-like warning to drivers when pedestrians use a crosswalk. In general, LCRRFBs are a visual cue that pedestrians may begin crossing the roadway at any time. They are always accompanied by crosswalk markings and signs.

Lightcast Video Phone

Lightcast Internet Video Phone (Vphone), the simplest way to video conference with nearly anyone in the world to date. Press a few buttons and ring another Vphone. Uses high quality audio and video streaming. Connect via wifi or wired internet. Lightcast is the first and only company to sell these in the USA today. Can be used as security type camera so you can log in from phone or laptop with password to a remote Vphone.  Vphone also has many other functions like alerts with a simple dry contact sensor, motion sensor. The unit can record events or calls with adding a SD drive card. Great to connect to older parents not near a PC. Install at the assisted living facility, hospital or nursing home. Call them from your laptop or smart phone, comes with free smart phone app. Many new low cost apps like remote door bell interactions will evolve soon from this technology.Easy install instructions or call us for low cost contract install help. 210.00 per unit, if you need SD card to record any events call us for a selection of drive cards.

LC One Line Message Signs

An LC one line message board that displays programmed messages for safety or emergency situations. Available in 2 foot and 4 foot approximate lengths, the LC One Line Message Sign is controlled wirelessly with an easy-to-use controller that can store up to 99 messages. Ideal for city/county vehicle fleets or first responder emergency fleets.  

Lightcast Low Speed Radar gun Pro II

Lightcast Low Speed Gun Proadobe_pdf_icon
Low Speed Gun Pro is the most advanced series of radars available. They can be used as handheld radars, or they can be mounted to a vehicle for moving use. For handheld use, the radar can be powered by the vehicle, or it can operate from internal rechargeable batteries, enclosed in the radar’s removable handle. Low Speed Gun Pro is small and lightweight, outperforming the competition in both categories. Uses: Forklift,  carts, go carts, boats, mot, motorcycles, 4-wheelers, runners, skiers

Sign Alert Systems

Lightcast' Sign Alert Systems are designed to warn drivers of approaching signs, to enhance the visibility of signs in inclement weather conditions, and increase road safety. With Sign Alert's ultra-bright LEDs, drivers are cautioned in advanced of dangerous intersections or curves, hazardous road conditions, or entering work zones or school zones. Together with Lightcast's smart controller, Sign Alert Systems preserve energy and battery life with its auto-dimming feature while maintaining brightness. Sign Alert Systems can be moisture activated, radar activated, push button activated, or activated by high water levels.  Any sign can be a Sign Alert!

Rental and Used Units

If you're looking for a more cost effective alternative for purchasing a Message Board, Arrow Board or Radar Trailer, consider Lightcast's Refurbished or Rental Units. Lightcast takes used message boards, arrow boards, and radar trailers and refurbishes the units to look and perform like new. Our inventory consists of the top quality units that were acquired, restored to working condition, and tested for top performance.  All of our refurbished units come with a Lightcast's one year- parts only warranty. Lightcast's Rental fleets offer competitive daily, weekend, monthly, and seasonal  rates to fit your needs.

Solar Beacon Controls

Looking to to replace your current control system for solar beacons? Then LightCast Iternational has the answer with its two newest control systems. The SPLasher™ is designed for simple 24/7 operation, and it has a port to connect your sensor activated beacons. It can be controlled wireless with optional antenna and fob remote. Our other beacon control system is the CrossTalk™. It functions much like our SPLasher™, but it also provides data feedback so that you can control AND monitor your beacons from the comfort of your office. The CrossTalk™ can be setup to send notifications via text or email when your solar beacons are running low of charge, require maintenance, or quit working. This control system is great for such places as school zones, places with navigational lights, and anywhere else that you must monitor and control your beacons.

LCECO Solar Flashing Warning Beacons

Our LCECO Beacons are our newest compact, energy efficient solar flashers used to enhance the visibility of pedestrian crosswalks, fire stations, hospital zones, dangerous crossings and road construction sites. Our off the shelf battery and beacon control system make the LCECO Beacons more light-weight and easy to install and maintain. Solar power is a reliable power source with no monthly power bill. LightCast International's LCECO Beacons are the most advanced light systems on the market!

Lightcast Specialty Lights

Specialty lights and navigational lighting systems provide advanced warning and navigation. Bridge safety systems are used to guide traffic through navigable waters. Designed to keep the bridges located over navigable waters safe and cost effective. Our portable traffic signal is designed for construction zones, signal knockouts and anywhere else where temporary traffic control is needed. Lightcast's portable traffic signal is the ultimate slave unit for temporary signal locations. Quickly sets up in 3-5 minutes when you have an emergency situation, need temporary traffic control or flagger enhanced lighting. Will extend to more than 10 feet in height and is self contained in a heavy duty treaded aluminum case, lined with polyurethane foam inserts to protect the unit during storage and transport.

Variable Message Signs

Solar powered portable variable message boards are ideal in construction and maintenance areas where extended visibility and legibility is a must. If you need a Solar powered portable changeable message sign, truck mounted message board, or a permanent VMS we can help. Our standard configurations range from 2-3 lines of text, 8 characters per line, with 10", 12" or 18" high characters that can be either text only or full matrix design depending on your needs. Solar charging of the battery power supply and the capability of remote operation enhances all the other features. NTCIP compliant.

Lightcast System Components

Component parts complement traffic safety products to ensure efficient operation and control of safety products. Components include batteries and battery chargers used in any application where power storage is needed, Radars, MUTCD Signs, Trailers, Solar panels, cabinets, and much more.

School Zone Flashing Beacons

Our solar flashing beacons are used to enhance the visibility of pedestrian crosswalks, fire stations, hospital zones, dangerous crossings and road construction sites to name a few. Solar power is a reliable power source with no monthly power bill. Lightcast' solar beacons are the most advanced on the market with low power consumption using it`s LED signal light. They are there to get the job done. These solar flashers and warning lights can be configured to run anywhere in the country using amber beacons or stop beacons.  

Flashing Arrow Boards

Our Arrow Boards provide advanced warning and directional information around maintenance and through construction zones. The arrow board is also ideal for construction zones, military, cities, counties, and police departments. Solar power and LED technology lowers the cost operation and is easily maintained. Our Solar Arrow Boards are the most efficient on the market "Runs months without sunlight", If you need a solar arrow board trailer, skid mount, or vehicle mount arrow board we have all your arrow board needs.The standard systems range from 30"x60" up to 48"x96" in either 15 (7 modes) or 25 lamp (12 modes) configuration.

Radar Speed Signs

Our radar display line consists of three basic configurations; the Solar Radar Trailers, Driver Feedback Signs (also know as pole mounted radar displays or speed display), and dolly mounted radar display. All of our Radar speed signs and radar displays can be either AC, solar with batteries, or battery powered. All Lightcast radars feature auto intensity control, lexan sheilding with aluminum black face to protect display and enhance LEDs, two standard violater alerts; overspeed flashing and overspeed blanking, can be either MPH or KPH, LED technology with 100,000 hour, and K-Band radar.  

How To Choose Radar Speed Signs>>

Engineered USA

Lightcast offers : many versions newly designed oem and retail products for forklifts, carts, trucks, automobiles, campus, city, county, neighborhoods,manufacturing facilities and warehouses. We design and offer many versions of radar signs, radar speed signs, radar speed monitors, radar speed displays, radar speed trailers, radar trailers, speed monitors, driver feedback signs, radar monitors, solar speed signs, radar speed display units, mobile dolly radar sign, photo lidar, traffic calming devices, traffic calming signs, VSL Signs (Variable Speed Limit signs), radar speed feedback sign, MUTCD signs, changeable message signs boards, work zones signs variable message signs boards, work zone safety signs, Vehicle Speed Feedback Signs, Radar Speed Limit (R2-1) signs, signs in temporary traffic control zones, electronic speed display signs, vehicle activated sign (VAS). We also offer radar speed cameras, hard to find low speed radar, photo enforcement cameras, speed cameras, radar video, traffic cameras, parking lot deck video speed cameras, breathalyzers, breathalizers, alcohol testers, CMI intoxilyzers, breath testers, video analytics and videomanagement systems for traffic and speed control. Call and ask if we can build it for you.

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