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Model LCAV153672
Vehicle Mounted

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• Arrow Board Meets MUTCD

• Photocell  for Auto Dimming

• Super Bright  LED Technology

• Easy to Operate & Maintain Arrow Board

• Powder Coat Paint

• 360 Degree  LED visors

• 7 or 12 Function Control Arrow Board

• 30-40 Flash Rate

• Numerous  Size and Mounting Options

• Durable  Finish Resist the Elements

• Lightweight Arrow Board

Model Shown:LCAV153672




Question: What is lead time on these units?

Answer: Lead time is approx 4-6 weeks


Question: Is mounting included in the price?

Answer: Yes, they all have auto dimming capability and also have a manual setting if needed; however, auto is our recommendation to save your energy.


Question: What types of mounting are available?

Answer: We have a low profile mount that is built from 2×2 tubing that will sit onto the truck bedrails.  We also have an over the cab mount that will allow the arrow board to be raised above truck bed so driver can see out back glass clearly (you will still need the low profile mount options with this as well).  The other two mount configurations are tailgate mount that allows user to place arrow board on tailgate with mounting arms and hitch mount that allows user to mount the arrow board onto their hitch receiver.


Question: How many flashing modes?

Answer: The 15 lamp arrow board has 7 functions and the 25 lamp arrow board has 12 functions.


Question: How many sizes of boards are available?

Answer: There are three different sizes available in both 25 lamp and 15 lamp modes. The sizes are 48×96, 36×72, & 30×60.


Question: Can it be remotely controlled?

Answer: Our traditional arrow boards cannot be controlled remotely.  The models where the model number ends in “R” are remotely controlled.  These “R” models allow you to change the arrow board remotely but your functions are limited to 6 functions for both 15 and 25 lamp and It does not come in 48×96 size as of yet.


Question: What type of LED is used?

Answer: Par 46 LED bulb for our traditional models and Par 36 for our remote arrow boards.


Question: How do we raise the arrow board from lowered position to raised position?

Answer: There are two ways to accomplish this. One is a manual lift where you  have to get out of your truck and manually lift the arrow board in position.  The other is with an optional actuator that will allow you to lift the arrow board and lower from inside your vehicle with a toggle switch on your controller.


Question: Can board be raised, lowered and/or laid flat?

Answer: Yes, our optional mount will allow 180 degree configuration.


Question: Does it have auto dimming?

Answer: Yes, they all have auto dimming capability and also have a manual setting if needed; however, auto is our recommendation to save your energy.

LCA3BL Three small amber indicator lights added to the back of display.
LCAC-ABV Convert Vehicle Mounted Arrow Boards to AC by adding 20W power supply (includes wiring).
LCAV25FH Upgrade to 25′ wiring harness data cable.
LCAV40FH Upgrade to 40′ wiring harness data cable.
LCAV60FH Upgrade to 60′ wiring harness data cable.
LCAVHM Hitch mount.
LCAVLPM Low profile mount.
LCAVOCM Over cab mount. Also requires AVLPM (low profile mount)
LCAV60FH Upgrade to 60′ wiring harness data cable.
LCAVTGM Tailgate mount.
LCAVACT-600 Actuator for Vehicle Mounted Arrow Board – 600 lb; includes 12′ cable.
LCVACT25FH Upgrade to 25′ actuator cable.
LCVACT40FH Upgrade to 40′ actuator cable.
LCVACT60FH Upgrade to 60′ actuator cable.
LCVTTM Two-tube frame for rail mount.



Sign Display Specifications:

  • Height: 36”
  • Length: 72”
  • Width: 3 3/8”
  • Material:
    • .080 Aluminum frame 36”x72” w/ (2) 35¾” cross members
    • .063 Aluminum front panel 36”x72”
    • .063 Aluminum back panel 36”x72”
  • Paint: All powder coated, Flat black finish to reduce glare
  • Salt Spray Fog: 1,000 hours
  • UV Resistance: 500 hours
  • LED bulbs: (15) yellow/amber Par 46 LED’s with 360° high impact plastic visor
  • Push on type connectors to prevent separation due to vibration during travel and operation.

Photocell Assembly

  • Monitors ambient light conditions and adjusts brightness accordingly

Power and Charging

  • Electronic Circuitry:Solid state, reverse polarity protection,properly fused, disconnects on all cables.

15 Light Control Box:

  • Auto – automatically adjusts the power to the lights from 100% (daytime use) to 50% (nighttime use)depending on the ambient light. The auto dimming is controlled through a photocell mounted in thebottom of each arrow board where it will be protected from vehicle headlights and street lamps.
  • Bright – maintains 100% power to the lights regardless of the ambient light.
  • Dim – maintains 50% power to the lights regardless of ambient light.
  • The Control Box has (7) flashing modes to choose from:
  • Single flashing arrow Left
  • Single flashing arrow Right
  • Progressive arrow Left
  • Progressive arrow Right
  • Double flashing arrow
  • Caution center bar
  • Caution four corners

Control Functions:

  • Power Switch – Provides power from the control box to the Arrow Board
  • Power Indicator Light – The LED indicates the Control Box has power and is ready for operation• Fuse – Protects the wiring from damage in the event of a malfunction
  • Mode Selector – Provides selection of the warning modes.
  • Manual Dim Switch – Provides the user with the ability to override the photocell used for theautomatic dimming when an unusual situation occurs (such as the vehicle being parked under a streetlight at night).

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