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Lightcast Video Phone (V-phone)
Lightcast Video Phone

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Lightcast Internet Video Phone (Vphone), the simplest way to video conference with nearly anyone in the world to date. Press a few buttons and ring another Vphone. Uses high quality audio and video streaming. Connect via wifi or wired internet. Lightcast is the first and only company to sell these in the USA today. Can be used as security type camera so you can log in from phone or laptop with password to a remote Vphone.  Vphone also has many other functions like alerts with a simple dry contact sensor, motion sensor. The unit can record events or calls with adding a SD drive card. Great to connect to older parents not near a PC. Install at the assisted living facility, hospital or nursing home. Call them from your laptop or smart phone, comes with free smart phone app. Many new low cost apps like remote door bell interactions will evolve soon from this technology.Easy install instructions or call us for low cost contract install help. 210.00 per unit, if you need SD card to record any events call us for a selection of drive cards.







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  • Video Calls
  • Video intercom
  • SD card storage
  • Mobile Remote
  • Alarm Detection
  • WIFI
  • PTZ
  • Cloudlink
  • Door Magnetic induction
  • Video

  • Free video calls: Can realize the video call not only between two cameras,but also among smart phone, No need to pay any other communication charge.


  • Remote Monitor: Support Iphone, Andriod phone, real time remote control surveillance and take pictures , APPs to call from smart phone to Lightcast Vphone.


  • Local Storage: Support 32G SD and U Disk for video recording.


  • P2P: Plug&play, no need DDNS, no need port forwarding,no need any reset.


  • Display: comes with 3.5 inch HD display,support online video or playback local video.


  • Two way audio: Built-in microphone and speakers. compression: AMR,High quality audio.


  • High image&video quality: video compression H.264, COMS 0.3 Megapixel.


  • Auto IR-LED illumination for IR Night Vision 10M, Built-in IR Cut,No Color Cast.


  • Wireless: Wi-Fi compliant with wireless standards IEEE 802.11b/g/n, built-in App auto search wifi.


  • Pan/Tilt: Supports remote Pan/Tilt control(Pan:355°& Tilt:60°)


  • Alarm: Supports Motion detection, Ringing Phone alarm,Email alarm.Whistle alarm.

Engineered USA

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