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School Zone Flashing Beacon Model LC110-S8
Solar Flashing Schoolzone Beacons

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The Model LC110-S8 solar school zone flasher helps to keep children and adults safe on roadways by cautioning oncoming traffic to be vigilant of pedestrians when flashing. Solar School Zone flasher beacons are used to help warn vehicular traffic of reduced speed limits and increased pedestrian traffic.

Solar School Zone Beacon

solar school zone flasher

The Solar School Zone Flasher only utilizes the most up to date solar and electronics to maintain power levels thru rain, shine, sleet, or snow

solar beacon

LED technology increases life expectancy of the solar beacon and also burns less energy than conventional bulbs

solar flasher

Meets MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices)

solar flashing beacon

The 365 day Programmable timer module allows you to program in advance what days the solar beacons will be activated, not be activated, and time of day they are activated.

The system fits into Safe Routes to School (SRTS) infrastructure funding models

Solar School Zone Beacon

NCHRP 350 Crash Tested and Accepted (National Cooperative Highway Research Program)

Solar School light

Meets ITE Standards (Institute of Transportation Engineers)

* Shown with optional signage and
Round Aluminum Crash Tested Pole

Quick Video on how to program timer module

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Question: How long does the battery last?
Answer: Typically the average life span of a battery is anywhere from 3-5 years.


Question: If I furnish my own battery what type do I need?
Answer: A school zone flasher needs anywhere from a 55 amp deep cycle to a 110 amp deep cycle battery. They make various types of batteries from wet cell to AGM batteries. Our recommendation would be a sealed AGM battery for maintenance reasons.


Question: Do you provide a battery with the system?
Answer:  Our standard system does not come with a battery but it may be purchased as an option. Please see our options tab for further information.


Question: What is the typical battery backup? (days to run without solar input)
Answer: Our standard systems have at least 10 days of battery backup using a 55 amp battery & could be more depending on the size battery that is placed in unit such as a 110 amp battery. This figure is based on running the system 2 hours a day and could be less if running it for longer than 2 hours a day.


Question:  Does signage come with the unit?
Answer:  Our standard system does not come with a sign but it may be purchased as an option. Please see our options tab for further information.


Question:  If I purchase the optional signage can the speed limit be modified to meet my existing speed limit.
Answer:  Yes. When you place an order or need a quote simply inform our sales team of the desired speed limit.


Question:  How many hours per day are these systems designed to run?
Answer:  Our systems are designed to run anywhere from 2-4 hours per day.


Question: Do I furnish my own pole or can I purchase one from your company?
Answer:  You can do whichever is most convenient for you. If you would like to use your existing pole simply let us know what type of pole you will be mounting to so we can supply the correct mounting hardware or If you would like us to provide a pole please see our optional poles under the options tab on the website.


Question:  What is the lead time for these systems?
Answer:  Our typical lead time is 4-6 weeks ARO.


Question:  Can the system be AC powered?
Answer: Yes the system can be AC powered.  We will use our standard DC powered system without the solar and add a power supply in its place to convert the AC power coming in to our DC powered system.


Question: Can the Programmable timer module be controlled inside my office via wireless link.
Answer: As of right now our systems are designed to be programmed via touchpad on timer itself. We are currently in the developmental stages of providing this service and will post it on our website once it is available.


Question:  Do you provide any installation, mounting, and wiring instructions?
Answer:  Yes, we do provide all this information and more is available on our website for each model under “Support Documents”.


Question:  How do I program the 365 day timer and is it easy to program?
Answer:  The 365 day timer is easy to program and you will find programming instructions on our website for each model under “Support Documents”.


Question:  Can my beacons be stacked on top of each other or do they have to be one above the sign and one below the sign?
Answer:  You can have it whichever way best suits your needs. Just let us know when you are requesting a quote or making an order and we will make it to fit your needs.

For Models: LC110-S8; LC112-S12. Remove 30W solar panel, solar panel mounting bracket, large battery box and regulator. Add 20W power supply and small control cabinet.
LCADD20W Totaling 50 Watts Solar Panel
LCADD40W Totaling 70 Watts Solar Panel
LCADD80W Totaling 110 Watts Solar Panel
LCBAT-12-55A 55 amp AGM Battery
LCBAT-12-100A 100 amp AGM Battery
LCBAT-12-100W-27 100 amp Group 27 Wet Cell Battery
LCCB-BBK Box Bracket Kit for Signage (2 Required)
LCCCTR-11 11′, Crash tested, Spun Aluminum Pole, Base,Cap, 4 Anchor Bolts
LCCCTR-12 12′, Crash tested, Spun Aluminum Pole, Base,Cap, 4 Anchor Bolts
LCCCTR-14 14′, Crash tested, Spun Aluminum Pole, Base,Cap, 4 Anchor Bolts
LCCCTR-15 15′, Crash tested, Spun Aluminum Pole, Base,Cap, 4 Anchor Bolts
LCCCTR-20 20′, Crash tested, Spun Aluminum Pole, Base,Cap, 4 Anchor Bolts
LCCL-1023 Cabinet Lock Type 2 w/ Tapered Latch and 2 keys
LCCL-1026 Cabinet Lock Type 1 Police Lock w/ Tapered Latch and 2 Long Keys
LCCL-3PT 3 Point Locking System with Type 1 or 2 Lock and 2 keys
LCCTR-MB Box Mount Hardware (if Spun Aluminum Pole is NOT Purchased)
LCCTR-MH Head Mount Hardware (if Spun Aluminum Pole is NOT Purchased)
LCCTR-PC Pole Locking Collar to Strengthen CTR Pole/Base Connection
LCCTR-UBB U-Bolt Mounting for Box (2 required)
LCCTR-UBH U-Bolt Mounting for Each Head
LCCTR-UBS U-Bolt Mounting for Signage (1 Pair Required)
LCCTR-UC U-Channel Breakaway Kit (8′, U-Channel 3lbs./ft included)
LCS1-1-XXXX-DG SELECT SIZE Advanced School Warning Sign, Diamond Grade
LCS1-1-XXXX-HI SELECT SIZE Advanced School Warning Sign, High Intensity
LCS5-1-2448-XX-DG SELECT SPEED School Speed Sign When Flashing, Diamond Grade
LCS5-1-2448-XX-HI SELECT SPEED School Speed Sign When Flashing, High Intensity
LCUCHANNEL 8′, U-Channel 3lbs./ft
LCUP-CC-IP30-30 Upgrade to CC-IP30-30 Solar Regulator w/Meter




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