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High Water Sensor
Sensor Activated Systems

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LightCast’s Sign Alerts™ can be equipped with a high water sensor that is ideal for those locations that are notorious for high water conditions that could cause traffic accidents due to the roads being flooded. With Sign Alert and the high water sensor attachment, accidents are kept to a minimum in those areas because drivers are cautioned of road conditions. The operation is simple: the high water sensor activates the Sign Alerts LEDs when the sensor detects high water levels above the sensor, and the system is deactivated once the water level lowers below the sensor.

High Water Sign Alert


SignAlert Back View



A totally enclosed back helps protect the wiring and keep the LEDs weatherproof.




Ultra-bright LEDs are Visible day or night and through all weather conditions.

SPLasher_NEW (1)
Our smart controller auto dims the ultra-bright LEDs to preserve battery life and increase brightness.

Compact Battery-solar box

Sign Alerts compact solar panel houses the “off the shelf” battery, the smart controller, and all controls for a more light weight, compact design.

high water sensor

Our high water sensor detects rising water levels and activates the flashing LEDs to warn drivers of the possible flooded roads ahead.



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