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Model LCVCMD1848158
Vehicle Mounted Changeable Message Displays

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  • NTCIP Controller
  • Quick message selection switch
  • Super-bright LED technology, 100,000 hour rating
  • Displays alphanumeric text and predefined arrow patterns
  • Independent module operation
  • Photocell for auto dimming capability
  • RF immunity
  • Extruded aluminum frame
  • Single Aluminum Backskin
  • Aluminum face stamped – protects LED modules
  • Front door access to internal parts
  • Powder coat paint
  • Choice of sizes and mounting options
  • Water / moisture resistant



Control Console

  • Preprogrammed messages and arrow functions
  • Quick message selection switch: changes messages quickly


Programming Terminal

Control Console

  • LCD Screen
  • Onboard computer
  • Continuous message preview


Quick Video on how to program vehicle mounted message sign

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MV40FHUpgrade to 40′ data cable.

LCAC-CMD Convert Changeable Message Display to AC by adding 150W power supply (includes wiring)
LCMV60FH Upgrade to 60′ data cable.
LCMVLPM Low profile mount.
LCMVOCM Over cab mount. (Also requires MVLPM (low profile mount)
LCMVSM Vehicle Skid Mount for Vehicle Changeable Message Display.
LCMVTGM Tailgate mount.
LCMVACT-1200 Actuator for Vehicle Changeable Message Display – 1200 lb.; includes 25′ cable.
LCMVOCM Over cab mount. (Also requires MVLPM (low profile mount)
LCVACT60FH Upgrade to 60′ actuator cable.
LCVTTM Two-tube frame for rail mount.



Sign Frame
Frame constructed of extruded aluminum, 6063 alloy with a T5 temper.

  • Length: 82”
  • Height: 35”
  • Depth: 6”
  • Mounting Studs: constructed of .080 aluminum
  • Back skin: constructed of .080 aluminum
  • Viewing Window: .125 thick polycarbonate with UV matte finish
  • Paint: Powder paint, flat black finish
  • Salt spray fog: 1,000 hours
  • UV Resistance: 500 hours

Display Module 6 x 9 pixel, 1.58″ pitch

  • LED pixel is formed using 3 LED’s
  • Pixels are arranged in a 6 wide by 9 tall matrix array.
  • LED pixel spacing is 1.58 inches x 1.58 inches
  • Agilent Amber lamps, 592 NM wavelength, 30 degree viewing angle, bins 4.2 cd to 12 cd
  • LED module is painted a flat black to improve contrast and reduce glare.
  • Supports up to 223 predefined messages (text & arrow functions).
  • Supports storage of up to 100 changeable messages, each with up to 4 pages of text.
  • Four different fonts:
    • 5×7
    • 7 x 7 bold
    • 4×6
    • 4×7

Photocell Assembly

  • Monitors ambient light conditions and adjusts brightness accordingly


  • Supports the latest version of NTCIP and can be CERTIFIED by third party for its full functionality and conformance.


  • Electronic Circuitry: Solid state, reverse polarity protection, properly fused, disconnects on all cables.


  • Mounting Frame: 2” x 2” Square Tubing, electrically welded and painted
  • Actuator: Raise and lower sign from within the vehicle

Engineered USA

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