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Model LCMB9757WT
Winch Crank Changeable Message Display Trailer Mounted

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  • Graphic Capability
  • Compact Trailer Design
  • Quick Message Selection
  • Removable Tongue
  • Lockable Cabinets
  • Password Protection
  • Powder Coat Paint
  • Tongue Jack (with wheel)
  • NTCIP Controller Standard
  • Independent Module Operation
  • Photocell for Auto dimming
  • RF Immunity

Message Board AT9757WT



Quick Selection Switch

Lightcast’ Quick Message Selection Switch allows users to create their 16 most used messages. Selecting the correct message is easy, just turn the thumb wheel to the desired number.

Changeable Message Board







Graphic Capability

Changeable Message Board

MUTCD Symbols

Arrow Board Patterns


Question: How do you prevent the unit from being stolen?
Answer: We have three safety features that prohibit theft of the units: 1) The tongue is able to be taken out of trailer once setup into place, 2) The tongue can be left in and a padlock can be placed into the hitch receiver, or 3) You can get the optional wheel locks that keep unit from being transported.


Question: How hard are they to program?
Answer: Our Portable Message Signs are very easy to program. Please see our instructions for programming under “support documents” for each model.


Question: How long will they run?
Answer: This depends on how the systems will be run & how much sun they will receive each day. Our Systems should run year round 24/7 in most cases and the battery bank should let the unit run for about 21-30 days without solar.


Question: What can you display on the message signs?
Answer: You will be able to display any text you would like to put on them and also put graphics and arrow symbols on our full matrix models. They come with at least 215 preprogrammed messages when you receive your unit.


Question: How many characters will fit on them?
Answer: Our standard system will display three lines of eight characters per line. Our full matrix message signs will display three lines of optional 10-12 characters per line, if needed.


Question: How many batteries do you use?
Answer: Please see specifications on each model under “support documents” on the website.


Question: How much sun do I need to run this?
Answer: Our standard system should be just fine in most cases. When you get into your more northern states then you may require additional solar and batteries, but it also depends on how long the system will be run.


Question: What size message board do I need in my state?
Answer: Every state is different on their needs but we basically have two models to choose from for state roadways. The full matrix (can display text and graphics) and the character matrix (displays text only). You will have to check with your State Department to find exactly which type you will need. All models will work perfectly for any county or city streets.


Question: What options are available for these?
Answer: There are tons of options for these message signs, but some of the most popular are: radar, cell modem, GPS, Central Software Management, and much more. Just go to our “options” tab for each model to see available options.


Question: Do you rent these or just sell them?
Answer: K&K currently just manufacturers them to sell. If we have older, refurbished units on hand, we will rent to our local market.


Question: How many messages will they hold?
Answer: Our systems come with 215-260 preprogrammed messages and 100 user changeable slots that you can place multiple messages in.

Question: If the batteries run down, how long will it take to recharge them?
Answer: If hooked up to the internal AC charger, this charging process should not take over 24 hours.


Question: What is the quick selection switch?
Answer: K&K Systems’ quick message selection switch allows users to create their 16 most used messages. Selecting the correct message is easy; just turn the thumb wheel to desired number.


Question: Why do I need the solar to tilt and rotate?
Answer: The solar tilt and rotate is designed to allow user to gain as much energy as possible from the sun. This works well in those winter months where there is not a lot of sunlight. (not available for all models)


Question: Do they meet all highway regulations?
Answer: Yes, our changeable message signs meet highway regulations.


Question: Do you carry parts for these?
Answer: Yes, we are the manufacturer and have spare parts available.


Question: Is there a way I can recharge the batteries myself if I need to?
Answer: Yes, our systems come with an AC battery charger that has an external plug for you to plug your extension cord into. The plug is located on the side of the control cabinet in newer models.


Question: Why do I need it to show graphics?
Answer: Graphics come in handy when trying to display a message as simple as possible followed by text. An example of this is a graphic of an “arrow left” followed by text message “merge left”.


Question: How high will the display rise up and why do I need it to rise?
Answer: The display will rise to 7 feet to bottom of display. The display needs to be raised so drivers can see behind the unit in case there are pedestrians on the other side and to meet MUTCD guidelines.

Question: How do I raise it up and down?
Answer: There is a toggle switch located inside the control cabinet to raise and lower the changeable message display. You must also release the break located on the center mast pole before raising display.


Question: Do the messages flash?
Answer: They can be programmed to flash.

Quick Video on how to program message sign

Quick Video on message selection switch

Click Here to see all our Video

LCADD80W Additional 80 watt solar panel.
LCADDB06225 Add battery pack with two-6 volt batteries for a total of 225 amps.
LCADDBB422514 Additional cabinet with wiring to fit middle-size style trailer.
LC CELL-FEE Fee for setting up the modem.
LC CELL-MODEM Cell modem.
LC CPAINT Custom Paint: other than white, orange or black (15 day lead time).
LC CT Conspicuity tape 16 ft (reflective).
LC CELL-FEE Fee for setting up the modem.
LCEXB12480 Replace battery pack with 12 volt 480 amp battery.
LCEXT-P1 “Extended power package. 160 watts of solar power, six (6) additional 6-volt batteries and cabinet.”
LCHM Hour Meter.
LCT&R Add solar tilt and rotate.
LCTAXL Axle lock for anti theft.
LCTBBD Bulldog coupler & adjustable height channel.
LCTBPR Pintle ring hitch coupler & adjustable height channel.
LCTEB Electric brakes.
LCTEXOT Extendable out riggers.
LCTHB Hydraulic brakes.
LCTLLN Locking lug nuts.
LCTLT LED taillights.
LCTP Tow plate – 4″ x 6″ angle with 2″ ball
LCTPLUG-6 6-round contact to 4-flat adaptor
LCTPLUG-7 7-round contact to 4-flat adaptor
LCTPLUGA-6 6 contact metal connector with spring.
LCTPLUGA-7 7 contact metal connector with spring.
LCTSKID Anti-skid tape on fenders and battery compartment.
LCTSTAT Traffic Statistics package. Able to download important traffic stats through radar. Downloadable to a user provided laptop. (NOT ER10)
LCTTS 15″ spare tire with mount.


Trailer Dimensions

  • Length with tongue: 148 1/4″
  • Length without tongue: 98 1/2″
  • Overall width: 68″

Trailer Specifications

  • Mainframe: 3″ x 5″ x 1/8″ tubular steel
  • Front/Rear cross members: 3″ x 3″ x 1/8″ tubular steel
  • Axle and Springs: Straight tubular steel 3500 pounds
  • Wheels and Tires: 5 lug – P205/75R15
  • Fenders: 16 – gauge steel
  • Tongue and Safety chains: 2″ hitch, 1/4″ safety chains with hooks
  • Jacks: Adjustable 15″ jacks (2000 lbs. capacity) on each corner of the trailer. Tongue jacks.
  • Tail lights: Dual combination reflective lights with stop, tail and turn signal. License plate bracket.
  • Wiring: Enclosed in jacketed cable or conduit.
  • Battery/Controller box: Steel fabrication, lockable, hinged, vented.

Sign Frame

Frame constructed of extruded aluminum, 6063 alloy with a T5 temper.

  • Length: 97”
  • Height: 57”
  • Depth: 6”
  • Mounting Studs: constructed of .080 aluminum
  • Back skin: constructed of .080 aluminum
  • Viewing Window: .125 thick polycarbonate with UV matte finish
  • Paint: Powder paint, flat black finish
  • Salt spray fog: 1,000 hours
  • UV Resistance: 500 hours

Display Module 6 x 9 pixel, 1.90″ pitch



  • LED pixel is formed using 3 LED’s
  • Pixels are arranged in a 6 wide by 9 tall matrix array.
  • LED pixel spacing is 1.90 inches x 1.90 inches
  • Agilent Amber lamps, 592 NM wavelength, 30 degree viewing angle, bins 4.2 cd to 12 cd
  • LED module is painted a flat black to improve contrast and reduce glare.
  • Supports up to 260 predefined messages (text).
  • Supports storage of up to 100 changeable messages, each with up to 4 pages of text.
  • Four different fonts:
    • 5×7
    • 7 x 7 bold
    • 8 x 10
    • 4×7

Photocell Assembly

  • Monitors ambient light conditions and adjusts brightness accordingly


  • Supports the latest version of NTCIP and can be CERTIFIED by third party for its full functionality and conformance.

Power and Charging

  • Battery bank:
    • Typical installation is three pair (225 amp) 6-volt batteries wired for 675 combined amps maximum output.
  • Electronic Circuitry:
    • Solid state, reverse polarity protection, properly fused, disconnects on all cables.
  • Battery Charger:
    • Input volts 105-130VAC
    • Max. Amp Draw 15
    • Max. Watt Draw 1000
    • Output Amps 60

Solar Panel

  • Typical Electrical Characteristics (2) 80 Watt Panels
  • Voltage at Pmax (V mp) 17.3 V
  • Current at Pmax (IMP) 4.62 A
  • Short-Circuit Current (Isc) 5.14 A
  • Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc) 21.0 V

Typical electrical characteristics

  • 3-position battery select: gel, sealed, or flooded
  • 100% solid state
  • LED’s indicate battery status and faults.
  • Rated Solar Current 30 amps
  • Rated Load Current 30 amps
  • System Voltage 12/24 volts

Engineered USA

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