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Sign Type Determinator

Fixed Radar Sign and Radar Trailer Determinator

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Fixed Radar Sign and Radar Trailer Determinator

Here are the questions you need to ask yourself:

Will you need solar, battery only (recharge a radar trailer every 2 days and a fixed radar sign every 2 weeks) or AC 110 volt or 220 volt?

Solar is green way but can cost $2000.00 more on battery only trailers and $500.00 for on fixed battery only signs and $1000.00 more than AC fixed signs. Solar means knowing how many vehicles a day and what area of the country you are in and how many trees may be in the way to find the right size solar panel, we have documents to help you on this.

Battery only means bringing the unit in to recharge and it may stop working at times when it runs out of a charge

AC means installing power and utility meter and this can be costly unless you have a way to run an extension cord

What size LED numerals will your radar sign or trailer need?

11 inch numeral LED radar signs are for 35 MPH and below (fixed sign size)

14 inch numeral LED radar signs are for 35 – 50 MPH roads (fixed sign size)

16 inch numeral LED signs are for 50 MPH+ roads (available with radar trailers and fixed signs)

18 inch numeral LED signs are for 65 MPH+ roads (available with radar trailers and fixed signs)

What reporting from a radar sign or radar trailer do you need?

no reporting or reporting ave speeds, time of day and ave speeds, see our streetsmart software as an example

Does the radar sign or trailer need to be MUTCD compliant?

MUTCD – Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices – is a federal regulation / guidleline many countes and city traffic engneers require and specifies many attributes like color of LED (amber) color of metal speed sign attached in school zones etc

Do you need variable messages on your radar trailer?

Certain versions of radar speed trailers can display one to four lines of messages, some are full matrix which can take all 4 lines and make 1 large message and pictures, these can cost up to $22,000.00

Messages and strobes on fixed radar signs are not MUTCD so we do not recommend them.

How weather and vandal resistant should your radar sign be?

We offer NEMA 4 weather resistant enlcoures on our fixed radar signs which is significantly better than NEMA3 , also Lexan guard on the front of the signs.

How much weight in a fixed radar sign?

Signs can weigh from 9 LBS to 100 LBS.

How much should you spend on a radar trailer or fixed radar sign?

A quality mdedium sized fixed radar sign will cost $2200-$3700 before other options like traffic software solar and poles

A quality radar trailer will range from $6000 to $8500 depending on if it is solar and has traffic software.

A qualtiy variable message board trailer with a radar sign range $18,000.00 to $25,000.00


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