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L. DeWilde, HOA Mgt Co.

We love working with Lightcast and have shared their information with other Homeowner Associations we manage.

S. MacKenzie, Town of South Cle Elum

The radar speed sign unit is working real well. We had it programmed and I am very pleased with it.


We bought 2 large variable message boards with 26’’ LEDs and installed above the highways here in Mexico, very durable


The radar camera we installed in our neighborhood picks up teenage speeders and their license plates. The video are clear. We print a clip and mail it to the home.


The signs we bought were built to our specifications with many customized functions, works great and here on time
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Let us design and build a solution for you today.
Engineered USA

Lightcast offers : many versions newly designed oem and retail products for forklifts, carts, trucks, automobiles, campus, city, county, neighborhoods,manufacturing facilities and warehouses. We design and offer many versions of radar signs, radar speed signs, radar speed monitors, radar speed displays, radar speed trailers, radar trailers, speed monitors, driver feedback signs, radar monitors, solar speed signs, radar speed display units, mobile dolly radar sign, photo lidar, traffic calming devices, traffic calming signs, VSL Signs (Variable Speed Limit signs), radar speed feedback sign, MUTCD signs, changeable message signs boards, work zones signs variable message signs boards, work zone safety signs, Vehicle Speed Feedback Signs, Radar Speed Limit (R2-1) signs, signs in temporary traffic control zones, electronic speed display signs, vehicle activated sign (VAS). We also offer radar speed cameras, hard to find low speed radar, photo enforcement cameras, speed cameras, radar video, traffic cameras, parking lot deck video speed cameras, breathalyzers, breathalizers, alcohol testers, CMI intoxilyzers, breath testers, video analytics and videomanagement systems for traffic and speed control. Call and ask if we can build it for you.

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